Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Week 13 - After the refocus

This is a bit out of sync, but Iwill fill in the blanks later.

Basically, we have refocused ou refforts to rebuild the core of the customer's code.

So now we get to do real Agile:
  • Write stories
  • Spec them out
  • Write tests
  • Write code
  • Next

It's beautiful !

We developed some nitfy Excel sheets to do the story tracking. It recalibrates itself and predicts how long related stories take as actual durations are being entered.

Haven't forgotten about EAI, tho.

Seems like there are some open source projects going on that may be useful:

How about OpenAdapter ? Dresdner Bank spun this off from their in-house EAI platform.

And then there's MuleUmo. It adopted the pattern language in Gregor Hohpe's book (http://www.eaipatterns.com/)to describe their solution.


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