Monday, August 09, 2004

Week 7 - Finishing the preparations

The client has a varied codebase, with servlets and JSPs.

Some of these are using struts.

What are struts ?

Apparently, this is a way to abstract model from view better than ordinary JSPs do.

A note about a cool MS Excel trick:

If you want to chart a bunch of data points that do not form a smooth line, don't knock yourself out trying to deduce the 3rd order polynomial !

Select the data range and make an XY scatter chart, maybe even select the subtype with smoothed lines. Now select one of the datapoints in the chart and right-click.

Choose "Add Trendline..." and select one of the types that looks closest to your data.

Select the Options tab and switch on "Display equation on chart".

Now you have your polynomial and can eat it too. Select the text of the equation and paste it into the cells where you want to get missing data. Modify it to include your source cells and there you go.


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