Friday, July 09, 2004

Week 2

Ah, we survived week 1 and 2.
Already been talking to several prospects and catching up on current technology.

I have learned more new stuff in the last week than in the two years preceding. NASTY !

Already poaching ex-colleagues to come and work here.

I mean, what's more beautiful than consulting, right ?
(voice-over mutters: "...that's what I thought then...")

It appears that I have entered a very buzzword-heavy part of fthe industry. Not since the advent of GUIs has any IT branch been more rife with TLA's than EAI.

Found a possibly useful EAI forum site:

They have newsletters with news categorized for talkers or doers.
Are they trying to imply that architects are just EAI bullshitters ???

Anyway, learned that IBM's fantastic WebSphere Business Integrator bundle is going to be replaced with something more integrated.

In the mean time, seems that there is a lot more TIBCO stuff to go around than just financial services. Pretty neat...

A final note: there is a rumbling in the Agile community about using XP for GUI design. Is there any other way ?
A new book on the topic is due out soon, so more on that later.

Learning all about AppServers, servlets, EARs, WARs and SOAPing it up in general.

For good measure, some more links:


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