Friday, August 20, 2004

Week 8 - Back at the ranch

This week, we're slummin' at the home office.
Doing more code investigation and prepping for the project kick-off.

Looks like we have to dramatically cut scope, since what looked like a 3 month project likely will take more than a year. Incidentally, the client seemed not at all surprised !

We can automate a lot of the gruntwork, but that sort of defies the secondary aim of the project, which is teaching the client how to start developing "agily".

Reading Jim Highsmith's book Agile "Project Management"
Salient detail #1: my colleague Robin Gibson collaborated on that, you know.
Salient detail #2: our CEO, Roy Singham, wrote a comment that's printed in and don the book.

And who joins us for lunch at the office ?
By Toutatis, it's mr Highsmith himself !

I better get to finishing the book before Monday...


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