Thursday, July 13, 2006

Practical AgileSOA - Intro

Clients invariably ask me;

"How do I actually DO this SOA stuff? Concretely? What is my Step 2?"

In this series of posts I will detail how we at ThoughtWorks typically execute the various aspects of Agile SOA.
Let me start by saying that we are Agilists, which means that we do just about anything in continuous cycles of Design-Make-Test-Reflect.

Similarly, we get SOA efforts off the ground by simply doing, not by talking and designing ad infinitum (or ad nauseam, rather)

These are the efforts we want to cover:
  • Making those first services
  • Versioning services
  • How an infrastructure emerges
  • How to motivate reuse
  • Getting some governance started
  • Making it all stick
After you have read this series, you will be able to get off the mark and get some traction on SOA. Incidentally, you also may pick up some Agile Best Practices. After all, we think Agile and SOA are closely related.

Next post: Making the first services


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